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产品应用: 适用于建筑屋面、地铁、涵洞、海底隧道、种植屋面、防排水系统、池塘、水库、灌溉系统、轻钢屋面等多个领域。 产品特性: 1)物理机械性能好, 优异的防水性能,耐温、抗紫外线、使用寿命长。 2)安全环保,施工过程无需溶剂和燃料,避免了环境污染和消防隐患。 3)拉伸强度大、延伸率高、稳定性好、收缩率小、低温柔韧性好。 Waterproof Membrane Applications: Widely used in many fields, such as the roof,subway,culvert, sub sea tunnel, planted roof, drainage system, pond, reservoir, irrigation system, light steel roofing,etc. Characteristics: 1)Excellent physical-mechanical properties and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, anti-UV and long service life. 2)Safe and eco-friendly, the construction process without solvents and fuels, to avoid environmental pollution and fire-fighting hazards. 3)High tensile strength and elongation, excellent dimensional stability, low shrinkage and keep softness at low temperature.
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