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产品应用: 适用于主题公园、景区(景点)游乐场所的大型娱乐玩具,如充气蹦床、充气水滑梯等。 产品特性: 1)品质高、性能好、趣味性强。 2)具有优越的拉伸、撕裂及剥离强度,防水抗污、抗UV紫外线、耐候、耐高温及抗寒。 3)符合REACH、EN-71、RoHS、CPSIA、ASTM F963、耐化学物质、防霉抗菌、阻燃等欧美环保及阻燃标准。 Inflatable Material Applications: Widely used in large entertainment toys in the theme parks and scenic spots, such as inflatable trampolines, inflatable water slide, etc. Characteristics: 1)High quality, good performance and fun. 2)Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength, waterproof and stain resistance, anti-UV, weather resistance, high and cold temperature resistance. 3)It meets European and American environmental protection and flame retardant standards, such as REACH, EN-71, ROHS, CPSIA, ASTM F963, chemical resistance, anti-mildew and antibacterial, flame retardant,etc.
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