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产品应用: 双膜储气柜和污水处理加盖项目,用于储存/隔离各类生物质气体及污染气体,如沼气、污水、药品挥发气体。 产品特性: 1)具有抗沼气腐蚀、抗紫外线和抗微生物的功能。 2)耐高温及抗寒、抗氧化、耐候、持久耐用,无需防腐处理。 3)具有优异的抗拉、抗撕、抗剥离特性,极大提高焊接强度,气密效果良好。 4)防油抗污、耐酸碱,达到防火标准B1级,是优异的工程材料。 5)自重轻,安装拆卸方便,可印刷。 Environmental Project Membrane Applications: Double membrane gas storage and sewage treatment projects are used to store and isolate all kinds of biomass gases and pollution gases. Such as biogas, sewage, medicine volatile gas. Characteristics: 1)It has the function of anti-methane corrosion, anti-UV and anti-microbial. 2)Excellent high and cold temperature resistance, anti oxidation, weather resistance and durable, without the need for antiseptic treatment. 3)Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion resistance, the welding strength is greatly improved and the air tightness is good. 4)Oil proof and stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, reach the flame retardant standard grade B1, it is the excellent membrane. 5)Light weight, easy to install-disassemble, printable.
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