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产品应用: 广泛用于食品、化学、纺织、电子、超市、冷冻、物流、仓储、生产车间等多种场所。 产品特性: 材料耐高低温,耐曲绕,缓冲、静音、高强抗摩擦,使得快速卷帘门能高效地隔离防护不同环境,具有保温、防虫、防风、防尘、隔音、防火、防异味、采光等多项功能。 Roller Shutter Door Material Applications: Widely used in food, chemistry, textiles, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, storage, production workshops and other places. Characteristics: Material has high and low temperature resistance, bending resistance, buffering, quiet, high abrasion resistance, so the can effectively isolate and protect different environments, with insulation, pest control, wind control, dust control, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor control, lighting and other functions.
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