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产品应用: 广泛应用于红泥塑胶沼气工程。 产品特性: 1)使用寿命长,正常使用可达15年以上。 2)耐高温(50度)、耐高寒(-20度)、耐酸碱、防雷、抗震、抗撕裂、阻燃。 3)安全性高、无需清池、无人畜危险。 4)储气率高,建池后不会出现漏气现象。 Bio-gas Material Applications: Widely used in red mud plastic bio-gas project. Characteristics: 1) Long service life, normal service up to more than 15 years. 2) High temperature resistance (50 ℃), cold resistance (-20 ℃), acid and alkali resistance, lightning protection, earthquake resistance, tearing resistance, fire retardant. 3) High safety, no need to clear the pond, no danger to human and animals. 4) With high gas storage rate, there will be no gas leakage after the pool is built.
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